Andrea Zeppi

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The susceptibility to hypnosis, which can be measured by scales, is not merely a cognitive trait. In fact, it is associated with a number of physiological correlates in the ordinary state of consciousness and in the absence of suggestions. The hypnotizability-related differences observed in sensorimotor integration suggested a major role of the cerebellum(More)
The cognitive trait of hypnotizability, associated with the proneness to accept suggestions, exhibits several physiological correlates including the modulation of sensorimotor integration and, in particular, of postural control. In this respect, we have shown that, at eyes closure, healthy subjects with high hypnotizability scores (highs) having their feet(More)
It is often assumed that the socio-cultural context positively influences mindreading performances. Among the available theories, mindshaping is proposed to consist of cultural mechanisms that make the social domain homogeneous and, hence, easier to interpret. Proponents of the mindshaping hypothesis claim that homogeneity is responsible for the(More)
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