Andrea Wittich

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PURPOSE In Germany, innovative concepts of anchoring psychotherapeutic consultations within an occupational setting emerge in models like the "psychosomatic consultation in the workplace" (PCIW). Characteristic quality is the close cooperation between company-based occupational health physicians (OPs) and external psychotherapeutic consultants. Little is(More)
The authors report first results of a program evaluation (n = 560) in a psychoanalytically oriented psychosomatic clinic. Based on a naturalistic design, the study includes three points of measurement (beginning and end of treatment, 1-year follow-up) at which data were collected from patients and therapists. The article gives an overview of the general(More)
GOAL OF THE STUDY In Germany, mental disorders have increasing importance for disability and early retirement. However, patients may have to wait several months before becoming an appointment with a psycho(somatic) therapist. Accordingly, several companies initiated a "psychosomatic consultation in the workplace" (PCIW). This concept has been explored. (More)
108 adolescents with type 1 diabetes as well as their parents and physicians in charge were studied in a prospective longitudinal design. Most of the juvenile patients were of good metabolic control. The results from different questionnaires of coping are presented. The opinions of the patients, their parents and the physicians in charge differ in some(More)
Facilitating team development is a frequent intervention in hospitals and seen as a probate mean to support the staff. As the method spreads, a need for scientific evidence is articulated. At Freiburg University Hospital, facilitating team development for nursing teams has been empirically evaluated on a broad data basis. The studies focussed on how nurses(More)
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