Andrea Vinci

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Recent advancements in the fields of embedded systems, communication technologies and computer science, have laid the foundations for new kinds of applications in which a plethora of physical devices are interconnected and immersed in an environment together with human beings. These so-called Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) issue a design challenge for new(More)
A smart home is a home environment enriched with sensing, actuation, communication and computation capabilities which permits to adapt it to inhabitants preferences and requirements. Establishing a proper strategy of actuation on the home environment can require complex computational tasks on the sensed data. This is the case of activity recognition, which(More)
BACKGROUND Chelating agents are believed to aid root canal irrigation and to be able to remove the inorganic smear layer. AIMS The purpose of the present study was to evaluate and to compare the decalcifying capability of different irrigating solutions (Tubuliclean, Largal Ultra, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid 17%, Tetraclean, Tetraclean NA). MATERIALS(More)
A smart environment is a physical environment enriched with sensing, actuation, communication and computation capabilities aiming at acquiring and exploiting knowledge about the environment so as to adapt it to inhabitants' preferences and requirements. In this domain, there is the need of tools supporting the design and analysis of applications. In this(More)
Recent advancements in embedded systems, computer science and telecommunication fields open up to new application opportunities where many physical entities are disseminated across the world and connected through the Internet. This new scenario, often referred as Internet of Things (IoT), gives raise to different issues and challenges to be coped with.(More)