Andrea Villa

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Sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) and other members of Saccharum spp. are attractive biofuel feedstocks. One of the two World Collections of Sugarcane and Related Grasses (WCSRG) is in Miami, FL. This WCSRG has 1002 accessions, presumably with valuable alleles for biomass, other important agronomic traits, and stress resistance. However, the WCSRG has not been(More)
The development of new efficient numerical techniques is a key point in computational fluid dynamics, and as a consequence in geological simulations. In this paper we present a model for simulating the dynamic of three-dimensional stratified sedimentary basins. This kind of problem contains several numerical complexities such as the presence of high(More)
Carboxypeptidase from the archaebacterium Sulfolobus solfataricus is heat stable with an optimal enzyme activity at 85 °C (Colombo et al., 1992). However in the absence of glycerol and beta-mercaptoethanol, at 50 °C, the enzyme undergoes a slow thermal inactivation upon dilution in an aqueous buffer at pH 6.5. This loss of activity can be inhibited when the(More)
The simulation of cold plasma discharges is a leading field of applied sciences with many applications ranging from pollutant control to surface treatment. Many of these applications call for the development of novel numerical techniques to implement fully three-dimensional corona solvers that can utilize complex and physically detailed chemical databases.(More)
The fossil record of Chamaeleonidae is very scarce and any new specimen is therefore considered important for our understanding of the evolutionary and biogeographic history of the group. New specimens from the early Miocene of Aliveri (Evia Island), Greece constitute the only fossils of these lizards from southeastern Europe. Skull roofing material is(More)