Andrea Vaona

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Tests are offered for the hypotheses that sectoral average profit rates and incremental return rates are gravitating around or converging towards a common value. We study data for various OECD countries relying on an econometric method able to account for residual autocorrelation and cross-sector correlation. Our null hypotheses receive only a mixed(More)
Regional patterns of inflation persistence have received attention only at a very coarse level of territorial disaggregation, that of EMU member states. However economic disparities within EMU member states are an equally important policy issue. This paper considers a country with a large regional divide, i.e., Italy, at a fine level of territorial(More)
1 The author would like to thank a referee for insightful comments. Abstract The hypotheses of sectoral return rates on regulating capital either gravitating around or converging towards a common value is tested on data for various OECD countries by adopting two panel varying coefficient approaches. Our null hypotheses receive some empirical support, that(More)
Small sections of the text, not exceeding three paragraphs, can be used provided proper acknowledgement is given. The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis (RCEA) was established in March 2007. RCEA is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to independent research in Applied and Theoretical Economics and related fields. RCEA organizes seminars and(More)