Andrea Vaona

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A polymerase chain reaction method has been developed which allows the simultaneous detection of the majority of clinically relevant HPV types. Degenerate HPV-specific primers direct the one-step amplification of a DNA region spanning E1 and E7 genes. This enables an immediate distinction between the two groups of papillomaviruses, characterized by high or(More)
Regional patterns of inflation persistence have received attention only at a very coarse level of territorial disaggregation, that of EMU member states. However economic disparities within EMU member states are an equally important policy issue. This paper considers a country with a large regional divide, i.e., Italy, at a fine level of territorial(More)
In this paper, we show that the regional finance-growth nexus in Italy is robust to a series of innovations with respect to the existing literature on the topic. We use finer measures of economic and financial development, as well as instruments with a deeper economic content. We rely on state-of-the-art cross-sectional and panel estimation methods, and we(More)
Thanks to direct access to union databanks, this paper can answer two new questions in Industrial Relations: how long union membership lasts and what are the determinants of its duration. This also allows to conceptualize union membership as a much more dynamic phenomenon than in previous studies, where it was considered a static situation whose causes or(More)
Research and development (R&D) in the field of nanomaterials is expected to be a major driver of innovation and economic growth. Consequently, it is of great interest to understand which factors facilitate the creation of new technological knowledge. The existing literature has typically addressed this question by employing a knowledge production function(More)
Ramsey’s regression specification error test (RESET) is thought to be robust to spatial correlation. Building on the literature on spurious spatial regression, we show that this is not so in presence of spatial correlation in both the error and the independent variable of an econometric model. Correcting the test for spatial correlation improves its(More)