Andrea Vannucci

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BACKGROUND Persistent postoperative cognitive decline is thought to be a public health problem, but its severity may have been overestimated because of limitations in statistical methodology. This study assessed whether long-term cognitive decline occurred after surgery or illness by using an innovative approach and including participants with early(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the effects of cycling promotion on major non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and costs from the public healthcare payer's perspective. DESIGN Health impact assessment and economic evaluation using a dynamic model over a ten-year period and according to two cycling promotion scenarios. SETTING Cycling to work or school in Florence,(More)
BACKGROUND Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) placement is now considered a common airway management practice. Although there are many studies which focus on various airway techniques, research regarding difficult LMA placement is limited, particularly for anesthesiologist trainees. In our retrospective analysis we tried to identify predictive factors of difficult(More)
correctly identifies the statistical slight of hand whereby ordinal or categorical Likert scores are mapped onto a linear numerical scale. Watson also correctly points out that Likert score intervals are not necessarily equal or even certain. Fortunately, the Z-score system is based on relative performance and does not use absolute numerical cutoff scores.(More)
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