Andrea Völker

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In Bacillus subtilis stress proteins are induced in response to different environmental conditions such as heat shock, salt stress, glucose and oxygen limitation or oxidative stress. These stress proteins have been previously grouped into general stress proteins (Gsps) and heat-specific stress proteins (Hsps). In this investigation the N-terminal sequences(More)
A variety of environmental and metabolic cues trigger the transient activation of the alternative transcription factor SigB of Bacillus subtilis, which subsequently leads to the induction of more than 150 general stress genes. This general stress regulon provides nongrowing and nonsporulated cells with a multiple, nonspecific, and preemptive stress(More)
Proteome analysis of Bacillus subtilis cells grown at low and high salinity revealed the induction of 16 protein spots and the repression of 2 protein spots, respectively. Most of these protein spots were identified by mass spectrometry. Four of the 16 high-salinity-induced proteins corresponded to DhbA, DhbB, DhbC, and DhbE, enzymes that are involved in(More)
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