Andrea Toscani

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The Myb gene family currently consists of three members, named A-, B- and c-myb. These genes encode nuclear proteins that bind DNA in a sequence-specific manner and function as regulators of transcription. In adult male mice, A-myb is expressed predominantly in male germ cells. In female mice, A-myb is expressed in breast ductal epithelium, mainly during(More)
A subtraction library was constructed from human insulinoma (beta cell tumor) and glucagonoma (alpha cell tumor) cDNA phagemid libraries. Differential screening of 153 clones with end-labeled mRNAs from insulinoma, glucagonoma, and HeLa cells resulted in the isolation of a novel cDNA clone designated IA-1. This cDNA clone has a 2838-base pair sequence(More)
In this study, we have isolated the genomic DNA clone encoding the murine JAK3 gene and determined its sequence. Partial genomic clones of the JAK1 and JAK2 genes encoding the tyrosine kinase domain were also isolated and compared with JAK3. The genomic structure of JAK3 consists of 23 exons. The exon/intron boundaries and the distribution of coding(More)
Sodium butyrate arrests the growth of actively proliferating Swiss 3T3 cells. A previous report from our laboratory describes the pattern of expression of a representative group of growth-associated genes following treatment of Swiss 3T3 cells with sodium butyrate. The results of this study suggest that sodium butyrate-induced growth arrest involves events(More)
A method for the normalization of multiple RNA samples is described. This method exploits the recently developed technology which allows the synthesis of single-stranded, specific RNA molecules in vitro using either SP6 or T7 RNA polymerase to prepare an external standard cRNA. When this external standard cRNA is added to cell samples at the time of lysis,(More)
Sodium butyrate has been shown to exert dramatic effects on the growth of cells in culture. It inhibits DNA synthesis, arrests actively proliferating cells in G1 and induces differentiation. The mechanism responsible for these various anti-proliferative effects is presently unknown. We wished to study the effects of sodium butyrate on cell growth at the(More)
The myb gene family consists of three members, A-myb, B-myb and c-myb. The proteins encoded by these genes bind DNA in a sequence-specific manner and regulate transcription of target genes. In this communication, we report the nucleotide sequence of murine A-myb cDNA. This gene encodes a protein of 751 amino acids with an estimated molecular weight of 83(More)
Expression of the protooncogene A-myb is restricted to the developing CNS, adult testes, breasts in late pregnancy, and germinal centers of secondary B cell follicles. The functional relevance of A-myb expression at three of these sites has been demonstrated previously via the generation and analysis of A-myb-deficient mice, which display behavioral(More)
Many proposals about induction-machine brokenbar detection can be found in the literature. Disturbances that affect phase currents, current space vector, power, fluxes, torque, and speed have been utilized to diagnose mains-supplied machines. Nevertheless, there is still disagreement about how the fault signatures of the different variables correlate with(More)