Andrea Stone

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Many current measures of eating disorder (ED) symptoms have 1 or more serious limitations, such as inconsistent factor structures or poor discriminant validity. The goal of this study was to overcome these limitations through the development of a comprehensive multidimensional measure of eating pathology. An initial pool of 160 items was developed to assess(More)
This study investigates the early manifestation of co-occurring depression and conduct problems as a predictor of heightened risk for later suicidal ideation and behavior in a community sample of 521 adolescents. Self-reported symptoms of depression and conduct problems were evaluated in early 6th grade. Suicidal thoughts and behaviors were tracked through(More)
The ability to successfully inhibit an inappropriate behaviour is a crucial component of executive functioning and its impairment has been linked to substance dependence. Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in adolescence and, given the accelerated neuromaturation during adolescence, it is important to determine the effects of cannabis use on(More)
The case of a 21-year-old man with severe developmental disabilities, ring chromosome 22 and rapid-cycling bipolar illness is presented. This is the first reported occurrence of mood disorder in a person with ring chromosome 22. Previously published case reports describing behavioural problems associated with this chromosome disorder suggest that severe(More)
Factors associated with reduced survival were investigated in elderly people diagnosed as having Alzheimer's disease (AD) and in those free of dementia at diagnosis. The study population comprised 155 people free of dementia and 222 with AD; all were aged 75 years and over and were part of a two-stage prevalence study of dementia during 1988 in Melton(More)