Andrea Stemmann

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We propose and realize a novel concept of a self-organized three-dimensional metamaterial with a plasma frequency in the visible regime. We utilize the concept of self-rolling strained layers to roll up InGaAs/GaAs/Ag multilayers with multiple rotations. The walls of the resulting tubes represent a radial superlattice with a tunable layer thickness ratio(More)
Experimental results of the local droplet etching technique for the self-assembled formation of nano-holes and quantum rings on semiconductor surfaces are discussed. Dependent on the sample design and the process parameters, filling of nanoholes in AlGaAs generates strain-free GaAs quantum dots with either broadband optical emission or sharp(More)
We study the optical emission of single GaAs quantum dots (QDs). The QDs are fabricated by filling of nanoholes in AlGaAs and AlAs which are generated in a self-assembled fashion by local droplet etching with Al droplets. Using suitable process parameters, we create either uniform QDs in partially filled deep holes or QDs with very broad size distribution(More)
We report on optical modes in rolled-up microtube resonators that are excited by PbS nanocrystals filled into the microtube core. Long ranging evanescent fields into the very thin walled microtubes cause strong emission of the nanocrystals into the resonator modes and a mode shift after a self-removal of the solvent. We present a method to precisely control(More)
We study the photoluminescence and impact of post-growth annealing of stacked, strain-free GaAs quantum dots fabricated by refilling of self-organized nanoholes using molecular beam epitaxy. Temperature- and power-dependent photoluminescence studies reveal an excellent optical quality of the quantum-dot stack. After high-temperature post-growth annealing(More)
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