Andrea Spanò

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BACKGROUND The lateral intercostal artery perforator flaps are based on intercostal perforators that arise from the costal groove. Cadaver dissections have been performed to improve the understanding of lateral intercostal perforator anatomy. The clinical applications of this study are demonstrated. METHODS The intercostal perforators were dissected in 24(More)
BACKGROUND The therapeutic role of postmastectomy radiation therapy has been demonstrated both in locally advanced breast cancer and in other high-risk conditions. Implant-based breast reconstruction for irradiated patients can generate higher complication rates. In this study, the authors observed the effects of radiation on temporary expanders and(More)
BACKGROUND Sternal tumors represent a rare subgroup of chest wall neoplasms in which indication, surgical issues, and long-term results are rarely reported. Thus, in this study we reevaluated our experience in sternal replacement from a series of 101 consecutive cases during the last 30 years. METHODS Clinical records of patients who underwent sternal(More)
In this study, we investigated the role of mannose-binding lectin (MBL) in celiac disease, by performing genotype analysis for the three point mutations in the first exon of the gene in 117 Italian celiac patients (characterized by flat biopsy and positive for anti-endomysium antibody and human transglutaminase antibodies) and 130 pan-ethnic healthy(More)
BACKGROUND Although interest in objective and quantitative breast surgical outcome assessment is rapidly increasing, published reports have yet to make a real impact on everyday clinical practice. OBJECTIVE The authors offer a preliminary report on an innovative methodology customized for breast shape evaluation that, in our opinion, could overcome most(More)
INTRODUCTION Recreational technical diving, including the use of helium-based mixes (trimix) and the experimentation of new decompression algorithms, has become increasingly popular. Inner-ear decompression sickness (DCS) can occur as an isolated clinical entity or as part of a multi-organ presentation in this population. Physiological characteristics of(More)
The authors have studied the incidence and duration of breast feeding (BF) among children from Sassari born in the period 1976 to 1987 (3608 full-term, normal infants). The data have shown a progressive decrease in the incidence and duration of B.F. from 1976 to 1983 followed by a progressive increase in the last 4 years of the study. The authors point out(More)
BACKGROUND Capsular contracture represents the most frequent complication after implant-based breast reconstruction. An experimental study on mice demonstrated that capsule formation around breast implants is considerably diminished after topical application of mitomycin C. The authors conducted a randomized controlled clinical trial investigating the(More)
Capsular contracture is a very disappointing complication, with an overall incidence between 0.5 and 30% of breast implant operations and, if severe, requiring a further surgical procedure (capsulotomy or capsulectomy). Many frustrating attempts have been made to prevent the fibrotic reaction, mainly with steroids or antibiotics. More recently leukotriene(More)