Andrea Sieber

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The thalamus integrates and transmits sensory information to the neocortex. The activity of thalamocortical relay (TC) cells is modulated by specific inhibitory circuits. Although this inhibition plays a crucial role in regulating thalamic activity, little is known about long-term changes in synaptic strength at these inhibitory synapses. Therefore, we(More)
BACKGROUND Several authors, most prominently Jared Diamond (1997, Guns, Germs and Steel), have investigated biogeographic determinants of human history and civilization. The timing of the transition to an agricultural lifestyle, associated with steep population growth and consequent societal change, has been suggested to be affected by the availability of(More)
New media is often regarded as opening new possibilities for participation. Concerning software engineering, we argue that it is not new technical possibilities, but the organizational context and communicative needs of developers that influence user participation. We draw on findings of our current study on software engineering in small enterprises, based(More)
Repräsentative empirische Untersuchungen zeigen auf, dass in der Softwaretechnik bekannte Methoden und Werkzeuge in Softwareunternehmen nur begrenzt eingesetzt werden. An vier exemplarischen Beispielen wird aufgezeigt, dass die Einführung neuer Methoden und Werkzeuge an ungünstig gelösten Konflikten und einer Überschätzung der Steuerbarkeit menschlichen(More)
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