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The risks of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs for reproductive health are summarized. The relationships between addictive drugs and the following areas are reviewed: sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies in adolescents, prostitution, infertility and birth defects. We review the prevention in the general population and high risk groups, early(More)
Hostility (negative beliefs about and attitudes toward others, including cynicism and mistrust) is related to the increased risk of many health problems, including addictive and cardiovascular diseases. Some possibilities how to decrease hostility and to communicate with hostile people are reviewed. Confrontation should be avoided. The prevalence of(More)
Insolvency of Czech population increases. High prevalence of addictive diseases including pathological gambling is one of its neglected causes. 80% of the 40 male in-patients coming for the treatment for addictive diseases had debts. This factor has its implication both for treatment and prevention on broader social level.
Czech children and adolescents are at risk of substance related problems more than the majority of their European peers. We review some possibilities how to prevent alcohol and drug related problems in family and how to cope with these problems. The availability of alcohol and illegal drugs in the Czech Republic considerably increased in past 20 years and(More)
These types of "winners" describe their predominant constructive motivations to overcome addiction. Among 161 patients, the preference for these types was: 1. Long runners (100), 2. Sober realists, 3. Self-supporting abstainers, 4. Regardful abstainers, 5. Prudent optimists, 6. Enthusiasts 7. Heroes, 8. Mystics, 9 Simple abstainers. We use this list during(More)
Alcohol, other addictive substances and gambling are economically clearly disadvantageous. The financial losses caused by addictive problems should be more compensated by taxation. There are also compelling health reasons for higher taxation. Uncontrolled and accessible financial resources and also poverty represent the risk factors especially for(More)
People often ask for help and/or advice to cope with their alcohol abusing spouses refusing treatment. Alcohol consumption in the Czech Republic is high that is why all general practitioners, family therapists and crisis interventionists should be able to respond accordingly. The chapter about the effects of alcohol on family was included in our original(More)
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