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Two cases of neuroma of the common bile duct (CBD) associated with jaundice and cholangitis both 15 years after cholecystectomy are presented. The surgical treatment, excision of the diseased CBD, followed by Roux-en-Y biliary drainage in one case and excision of the tumor with T-tube drainage in the other, was curative. A review of the world literature(More)
The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that the use of an operating microscope improves the results of peripheral nerve repair. Tibial nerve grafting was carried out on 48 Fischer rats divided into 2 groups: in one, a loupe was used, and in the other a surgical microscope. At 5 months after grafting, recovery was evaluated by functional,(More)
The subject of this study is the electromyographic investigation of the velopharyngeal sphincter structures. Seventy-five patients underwent examination, both patients with symptoms of velopharyngeal insufficiency and patients who were thought to have latent pathological sphincter changes based on local findings. A control group of 10 healthy examinees was(More)
BACKGROUND Reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex (NAC) is generally the final step in breast reconstruction. NAC reconstructions are frequently complicated by scars, which are a common complication of radical surgery. Sometimes, radiotherapy further complicates these cases. METHODS Under these conditions, we present an alternative technique with a(More)
A randomized, prospective, controlled study was carried out at the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit of the University of Pavia, Salvatore Maugeri Research and Care Institute, Pavia, Italy, to evaluate the psychological benefits from corrective medical camouflage (CMC) following surgical treatment for skin cancer of the face. Twenty-four female(More)
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