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Currently, in the smartphone market, Android is the platform with the highest share. Due to this popularity and also to its open source nature, Android-based smartphones are now an ideal target for attackers. Since the number of malware designed for Android devices is increasing fast, Android users are looking for security solutions aimed at preventing(More)
INTRODUCTION Over the past 20 years the management of blunt liver trauma has evolved from a primary operative approach to a nonoperative one, for both low and high grade injuries, only on the basis of hemodynamic stability. However, in spite of a high success rate of non operative management, it is frequently observed, also in our country, an old fashioned(More)
Android users can face the risk of downloading and installing bad applications on their devices. In fact, many applications may either hide malware, or their expected behavior do not fully follow the user's expectation. This happens because, at install-time, even if the user is warned with the potential security threat of the application, she often skips(More)
The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) paradigm, where the employees of a company install an application on their mobile devices to access company privileged information, is becoming very popular in the business environment. In order to perform their tasks, BYOD applications typically require a large set of rights which, in Android mobile devices, must be(More)
The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) paradigm is becoming extremely popular across all kind of organizations. In fact, employees are continually trying to incorporate their personal devices, e.g. smartphones and tablets, into the office to perform some of their work or simply to access the Internet with a device they trust or they are more familiar with.(More)
New generation mobile devices, and their app stores, lack of a methodology to associate a level of trust to applications to faithfully represent their potential security risks. This problem is even more critical with newly published applications, for which either user reviews are missing or the number of downloads is still low. In this scenario, users may(More)