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We present a comprehensive performance analysis of multiple appearance-based face recognition method-ologies, on visible and thermal infrared imagery. We compare algorithms within and between modalities in terms of recognition performance, false alarm rates and requirements to achieve specified performance levels. The effect of illumination conditions on(More)
In this report we consider the problem of 3D object recognition, and the role that perceptual grouping processes must play. In particular, we argue that a single level of perceptual grouping is inadequate, and that reliance on a single level of grouping is responsible for the speciic weaknesses of several well-known recognition techniques. Instead, we argue(More)
We describe and analyze an appearance-based 3-D object recognition system that avoids some of the problems of previous appearance-based schemes. We describe various large-scale performance tests and report good performance for full-sphere/hemisphere recognition of up to 24 complex, curved objects, robustness against clutter and occlusion, and some(More)