Andrea S. Ogston

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Corals are known to flourish in various turbid environments around the world. The quantitative distinction between clear and turbid water in coral habitats is not well defined nor are the amount of sediment in suspension and rates of sedimentation used to evaluate the condition of reef environments well established. This study of sediment resuspension,(More)
[1] Realistic simulations of the Adriatic Sea for over 125 days are conducted using the Navy Coastal Ocean Model with atmospheric forcing provided by the Coupled Ocean/ Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS is a registered trademark of the Naval Research Laboratory (COAMP TM )). In two separate simulations of the Adriatic, a nested 2-km-resolution(More)
The angles of energy propagation of semidiurnal internal tides may determine the average gradient of continental slopes in ocean basins (approximately 2 to 4 degrees). Intensification of near-bottom water velocities and bottom shear stresses caused by reflection of semi-diurnal internal tides affects sedimentation patterns and bottom gradients, as indicated(More)
[1] As part of the STRATAFORM program, a bottom-boundary layer (BBL) tripod was deployed at 120 m depth in the northern thalweg of the Eel Canyon during winter 2000. Increases of the near-bottom suspended-sediment concentrations (SSC) recorded at the canyon head were not directly related to the Eel River discharge, but were clearly linked to the occurrence(More)
A long-term goal of our sediment transport and deposition investigations is to link sediment-transport processes to the formation and preservation of event beds in sediment deposits. The general aim of this project is to investigate how forcing processes affect the sediment-transport dynamics that act to effect the delivery and retention of fine-grained(More)
The oceanic biological pump is responsible for the important transfer of CO2-C as POC "Particulate Organic Carbon" to the deep sea. It plays a decisive role in the Earth's carbon cycle and significant effort is spent to quantify its strength. In this study we used synchronized daily time-series data of surface chlorophyll-a concentrations from the NASA's(More)
s:<lb>Lee, K.M.; Ogston, A.S.; Nittrouer, C.A. Export and Retention of Fine-Grained Sediment on the<lb>Intertidal Complex of a Small Mountainous River: Skagit River Tidal Flats. AGU Chapman<lb>Conference on Source to Sink Systems Around the World and Through Time. Oxnard, CA. 24 Jan<lb>2011.<lb>Nowacki, D.J. and Ogston, A.S. Multiple scales of controls on(More)
We measured the influence of landscape setting on estuarine food web connectivity in five macrotidal Pacific Northwest estuaries across a gradient of freshwater influence. We used stable isotopes (δ13 C, δ15 N, δ34 S) in combination with a Bayesian mixing model to trace primary producer contributions to suspension- and deposit-feeding bivalve consumers(More)