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This study examines the relationship between sensory responsiveness and social severity in children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders (HFASD; N = 36) and age-matched controls (N = 26) between 6 and 10 years old. Significant relationships were found between social responsiveness scale scores and each of the six sensory profile sensory system(More)
Continuous transpiration and beta-guage measurements were made on cotton plants, the stomatal apertures of which had been induced to oscillate, thus allowing a water balance to be made, and leaf potential to be measured as functions of time.Analyses showed phase differences between the water entering and leaving the leaf. Also, from the phase relationship(More)
This article summarizes research findings related to alcohol use and sexual responsiveness within the framework of Becker's health belief model. Application is discussed in relation to the health care practitioner concerned with interventions for preventing alcohol abuse and promoting sexual health. Particular emphasis is given to clients in late(More)
Scientific evidence that sheds light on the disturbances in sexual role performance experienced by chronic alcoholics is discussed within the framework of Roy's adaptation model of nursing. The multiple etiologic factors contributing to disturbed sexual role performance are identified within each adaptation mode, with emphasis on the interrelationships(More)
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