Andrea Rudella

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Tetradecameric Clp protease core complexes in non-photosynthetic plastids of roots, flower petals, and in chloroplasts of leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana were purified based on native mass and(More)
The clpr2-1 mutant is delayed in development due to reduction of the chloroplast ClpPR protease complex. To understand the role of Clp proteases in plastid biogenesis and homeostasis, leaf proteomes(More)
In this research, the advantage of use of cellulolytic recombinant Lactobacillus plantarum as microbial inoculants for alfalfa silage fermentation was evaluated. To such purpose, two L. plantarum(More)
The plastid ClpPR protease complex in Arabidopsis thaliana consists of five catalytic ClpP and four noncatalytic ClpR subunits. An extensive analysis of the CLPR family and CLPP5 is presented to(More)