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  • Mag Camille, Stephan-Otto Attolini, +6 authors Iv Zusammenfassung
  • 2005
A la memoria de mi abuela. A todos los que estuvieron conmigo, en la distancia y no. Gracias. ii Aknowledgements I would like to thank my supervisor Peter Stadler for all his support and immense scientific help during my studies. To Christoph Flamm, who became an excellent teacher and colleague and thanks to whom my work is much better. To all the people in(More)
Syringomyelia is the condition in which cavities fulfilled with CSF are found within spinal cord. Syringes are caused by obstructions of CSF pathways of different causes. If we can not find a cause responsible for the blockage, we call it "idiopathic" syringomyelia. Drainage procedures have been widely used but results, especially long-term results, are not(More)
This paper shows, a DC/DC isolated two inductor boost converter, able to start and to operate in permanent regime output voltage from 0 V to 400 V. The characteristics of voltages and currents in the converter make from this topology suitable to be used in applications of high relation between the voltages of input and output as it is the case of the hybrid(More)
Lipomas of the cerebellopontine angle are extremely rare. These tumors are probably maldevelopment lesions which can cause slowly progressive neurological symptoms. Including the present case, 90 lipomas in this localization have been described in the literature. The authors report a case of cerebellopontine angle lipoma in a 44-year-old male patient who(More)
Shunt dysfunction is a common situation in neurosurgery. Often symptoms, physical examination and radiology are not enough to set a diagnosis. ICP continuous monitoring is a safe and reliable tool that provides valuable information about CSF dynamics in these patients. Not only quantitative analysis is needed but also a qualitative one that enables(More)
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