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An Approach to Indirect Doxastic Responsibility
In this chapter I will present an approach to doxastic responsibility that is based on indirect doxastic control.
What Should We Do in the Face of Epistemic Peer Disagreement
In the previous chapter, I have introduced an E-RULE approach to epistemic responsibility assessment. I have argued that this doxastic responsibility assessment is epistemically significant becauseExpand
Intellectual Norms and Epistemic Normativity
Intellectual norms are norms which can guide the exercise of indirect doxastic control and govern doxastic responsibility assessments. With the help of intellectual norms we can evaluate whether anExpand
Doxastic Responsibility and Direct Doxastic Control
The aim of this chapter is to argue that doxastic responsibility, i.e., responsibility for holding a certain doxastic attitude, is not based on direct doxastic control. There are two different kindsExpand