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The genetic determinants and phenotypic traits which make a Staphylococcus aureus strain a successful colonizer are largely unknown. The genetic diversity and population structure of 133 S. aureus isolates from healthy, generally risk-free adult carriers were investigated using four different typing methods: multilocus sequence typing (MLST), amplified(More)
The x-ray structural characterization of Na2In(DTPA).7 H2O is described. The structure is notable for two reasons. It is the first In3+-complex with relevance to antibody attachment to be structurally characterized. Surprisingly, the complex has coordination number eight and is the first monomeric In3+-complex with such a high coordination number. The(More)
Infant macaque monkeys (Macaca arctoides) were individually raised to age 6 months in large clear cubes built into one wall of a control colony that allowed them visual access to it but not tactile contact. The two deprivation conditions (Cond 2 and Cond 3) were equal both in physical size and with respect to partial social isolation. They differed in the(More)