Andrea Resmini

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— FaceTag is a working prototype of a semantic collaborative tagging tool conceived for bookmarking information architecture resources. It aims to show how the widespread homogeneous and flat keywords' space created by users while tagging can be effectively mixed with a richer faceted classification scheme to improve the " information scent " and "(More)
The authors of this paper position pratice-led research (PLR) as an effective agent in the transformation of the seemingly inherent and natural acts found in casual practice into the formal arrangement of accepted truths and regulated practices of a discipline for user experience design (UXD) and information architecture (IA) communities of practice. The(More)
Keith Instone is an information architect lead in the CIO area of IBM in Toledo (Maumee), Ohio. He works on the user experience design team for IBM's websites. His current email addresses are available on his website at It takes a village of practitioners to raise a discipline. — Nathaniel Davis. " Practice of Information Architecture " [1](More)