Andrea Resca

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The paper is centered on the role of technology and specifically of IT in the recombination of the factors of production. Particularly, the objective is to see how this technology contributes to the formulation of business strategies, the outlining of organizational structures and the alignment with the business environment. A theoretical framework is(More)
This research proposes and validates a design theory for digital platforms that support online communities (DPsOC). It addresses ways in which digital platforms can effectively support social interactions in online communities. Drawing upon prior literature on IS design theory, online communities, and platforms, we derive an initial set of propositions for(More)
The objective of the present paper is to analyse, longitudinally, the development of e-government in Italy from the middle of the '90s to the present. The author uses an approach based on the theory of governance which has been applied permitting the singling out of three different phases and main issues that an administrative renewal of this level involve.(More)
Spatial construction skills were examined in 3- to 5-year-old children with prenatal or perinatal focal brain injury. In earlier work, a dissociation was reported between children with injury to the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere, right-hemisphere injury resulting in significantly lower levels of performance. In the current paper, the effect of(More)