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– This paper describes a new microwave diagnostic tool for nondestructive evaluation. The approach, developed in the spatial domain, is based on the numerical computation of the inhomogeneous Green's function in order to fully exploit all the available a-priori information of the domain under test. The heavy reduction of the computational complexity of the(More)
Electromagnetic inverse scattering techniques are considered to reconstruct the permit-tivity and the velocity profiles of axially moving cylindrical targets. Two approaches are proposed. One of these is based on a two-step procedure. It is shown that it provides good approximations of the profiles to be reconstructed in a very efficient way, when the peak(More)
In the absence of universally accepted criteria for the medical treatment of stroke, we made a rigorously randomized comparative study of different treatments in 300 patients. One group of patients received only a general supportive treatment designed to ensure adequate supplies of water, electrolytes and calories, plus whatever was needed to prevent(More)