Andrea Randazzo

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– This paper describes a new microwave diagnostic tool for nondestructive evaluation. The approach, developed in the spatial domain, is based on the numerical computation of the inhomogeneous Green's function in order to fully exploit all the available a-priori information of the domain under test. The heavy reduction of the computational complexity of the(More)
—The inspection of 2-D scatterers buried in a lossy half-space from field measurements is formulated within the framework of the second-order Born approximation (SOBA) of the inverse scattering problem. An iterative multi-scaling approach (IMSA) is combined with a two-step inexact-Newton (IN) algorithm to solve the arising problem. A set of preliminary(More)
– A new approach for the inversion of synthetic and measured scattered data is proposed in this paper. The approach is based on an iterative technique in which the nonlinear equations of the inverse scattering problem are solved within the p-th order Born approximation. A regularization scheme based on an Inexact-Newton method is applied. Several numerical(More)