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Given a graph G with a label (color) assigned to each edge (not necessarily properly) we look for an hamiltonian cycle of G with the minimum number of different colors. The problem has several applications in telecommunication networks, electric networks, multimodal transportation networks, among others, where one aims to ensure connectivity or other(More)
Wireless sensor networks involve many different real-world contexts, such as monitoring and control tasks for traffic, surveillance, military and environmental applications, among others. Usually, these applications consider the use of a large number of low-cost sensing devices to monitor the activities occurring in a certain set of target locations. We(More)
An important problem in the context of wireless sensor networks is the Maximum Network Lifetime Problem (MLP): find a collection of subset of sensors (cover) each covering the whole set of targets and assign them an activation time so that network lifetime is maximized. In this paper we consider a variant of MLP, where we allow each cover to neglect a(More)
In this paper we take into account three different spanning tree problems with degree-dependent objective functions. The main application of these problems is in the field of optical network design. In particular, we propose the classical Minimum Leaves Spanning Tree problem as a relevant problem in this field and show its relations with the Minimum Branch(More)
Wireless sensor networks are generally composed of a large number of hardware devices of the same type, deployed over a region of interest in order to perform a monitoring activity on a set of target points. Nowadays, several different types of sensor devices exist, which are able to monitor different aspects of the region of interest (including sound,(More)
In the Colorful Traveling Salesman Problem (CTSP), given a graph G with a (not necessarily distinct) label (color) assigned to each edge, a Hamiltonian tour with the minimum number of different labels is sought. The problem is a variant of the well-known Hamiltonian Cycle problem and has potential applications in telecommunication networks, optical(More)
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