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Heterogeneities within disease hosts suggest that not all individuals have the same probability of transmitting disease or becoming infected. This heterogeneity is thought to be due to dissimilarity in susceptibility and exposure among hosts. As such, it has been proposed that many host-pathogen systems follow the general pattern whereby a small fraction of(More)
The generalized Petersen graphs (GPGs) which have been invented by Watkins, may serve for perhaps the simplest nontrivial examples of " galactic " graphs, i.e. those with a nice property of having a semiregular automorphism. Some of them are also vertex-transitive or even more highly symmetric, and some are Cayley graphs. In this paper, we study a further(More)
1-walking on the sidewalk 2-crossing the street at a zebra crossing 3-crossing the street at a traffic light 4-asking for informations 5-changing money at a bank Summary: after severe craniocerebral accident patients have problems with everyday life activities. We tried to find something easy and affective that can test them and can give some advice to(More)
We describe an algorithm for obtaining the central primitive idempotents of the algebra associated with a monomial representation. As a consequence, we obtain its irreducible constituents. This is implemented in MAGMA, using an algorithm based on Dixon's modular approach. In the case of permutation representations, we get a simplified version of the(More)
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