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BACKGROUND & AIMS The gut-derived peptide glucagon-like peptide 2 (GLP-2) has been suggested as a potential drug candidate for the treatment of various intestinal diseases. However, the acute effects of GLP-2 on gastric functions as well as on glucose and lipid homeostasis in humans are less well characterized. METHODS Fifteen healthy male volunteers were(More)
In the face of an aging population and thereby an increasing number of patients suffering from heart rhythm diseases development of therapeutic agents is one of the major challenges in modern biomedical research. Antiarrhythmic drug discovery was mainly hindered by the limited knowledge of the molecular underpinnings of cardiac electrophysiology in health(More)
This contribution adds to the intensive discussion about a suitable reform of the German old-age security system with regard to the aim of poverty avoidance. Starting from a multitude of existing and alternatively proposed models, basic forms of a minimum-income protection for the elderly are distinguished by select criteria. The resulting systematic survey(More)
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