Andrea Petz

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Chemically modified albumin binds to the surface of microvascular endothelia lining the vessel wall in several tissues. In this paper, we report that following their biotinylation, ovalbumin (bioOVA) and bovine serum albumin (BSA) [biotinyated albumin (bioAlb)] showed heterogeneous binding to distinct vascular subsets in different lymphoid tissues. The(More)
Developing resources for online learning in its many guises and more recently for MOOCs has been discussed across the educational sector, usually by individuals working for one institution or organisation. Rarely are there discussions that highlight the issues of collaborative working on content that is delivered over a period of weeks for a wide range of(More)
Polynuclear platinum compounds demonstrate many novel phenomena in their interactions with DNA and proteins as well as novel anti-cancer activities. Previous studies indicated that the high positive charge and the non-coordinated "central linker" of the polynuclear compounds could have major contributions to these features. Therefore, a series of(More)
17-formyl-androst-16-ene and its analogues were synthesized from the corresponding 17-iodo-16-ene derivatives in palladium-catalyzed formylation reaction using tributyltin hydride as hydrogen source under mild reaction conditions. The formation of androst-16-ene and its isomerization products, as well as that of analogous steroidal olefins as side-products,(More)