Andrea Passadore

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technique to face the NP-hard single machine total weighted tardiness scheduling problem in presence of sequence-dependent setup times. The search technique is called Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization (DPSO): differently from previous approaches the proposed DPSO uses a discrete model both for particle position and velocity and a coherent sequence(More)
distributed multi-agent platform for indexing local and online textual files, with the semantic contribution of domain specific ontologies. These ontologies describe the application domain and the competences the user is referring to, during the interaction with the platform, namely a query session. They are used by an Ontology Agent which organizes the(More)
environment. Herald is suitable for scenarios where the process could be modeled as a tree: starting from the root node the collection of items is distributed along the nodes where they can be processed, forwarded to other nodes, and duplicated if necessary. Herald assigns a specific software agent to each node of the tree which participates into the(More)
work on the field, away from the central headquarters. The main goal of E-Support is to help the field engineers and technicians to access the knowledge base of the company. They will connect to remote servers by using mobile devices in order to get information about vendors, customers, plants, parts and download technical documents. The whole system will(More)
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