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Contemporary knowledge work environments are increasingly based on ubiquitous information access beyond classic single user desktop workplaces. Especially in enterprise contexts personal mobile devices and stationary interactive large screens gain more and more importance for information discovery. In contrast to former PC-based user interfaces these new(More)
Large interactive wall displays for multi-user interaction are readily available today. However, little is known about the specific aspects influencing usability for applications supporting several users interacting simultaneously and co-located with wall displays. Our research aims to name these aspects and develop a set of usability guidelines for this(More)
Zusammenfassung Das Ziel des AAL-Forschungsprojektes Social Interaction Screen war, die soziale Interaktion älterer Menschen mit ihrer Familie und Freunden zu unterstützen, sowie die Teilnahme an sozialen Aktivitäten in der näheren Umgebung zu fördern. Das Anliegen dieses Beitrags ist es zunächst die Vorgehensweise bei der Realisierung und Evaluation des(More)
Whole-body interaction can help to motivate by-passers to interact with public displays as it enables reaction to passive users and immediate touch-less applicability. We introduce our approach of mediating movement-based interaction techniques to the user allowing spontaneous interaction within walk-up-and-use scenarios. Our concept of semiotically(More)
The aim of the Ambient Assisted Living Project Social Interaction Screen is to support social interaction of elderly people by easing access to existing Social Networking Services. In this paper, we present the solution that was developed in the project, the elderly interaction and service assistant (elisa). We discuss the design of the prototype and(More)
Today's interactive wall displays are large enough to accommodate two or more simultaneously interacting users. Multiple users might retrieve multimedia content from public information screens at the same time, either together or in parallel without interfering with each other. We conducted two lab studies on the influence of sound in a multi-user scenario.(More)