Andrea Nikolić

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In cells living under optimal conditions, protein folding defects are usually prevented by the action of chaperones. Here, we investigate the cell-wide consequences of loss of chaperone function in cytosol, mitochondria or the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in budding yeast. We find that the decline in chaperone activity in each compartment results in loss of(More)
Protein oxidation is known to compromise vital cellular functions. Therefore, invading pathogenic bacteria must resist damage inflicted by host defenses via reactive oxygen species. Using comparative genomics and experimental approaches, we provide multiple lines of evidence that proteins from pathogenic bacteria have acquired resistance to oxidative stress(More)
Protein quality control mechanisms, required for normal cellular functioning, encompass multiple functions related to protein production and maintenance. However, the existence of communication between proteostasis and metabolic networks and its underlying mechanisms remain elusive. Here, we report that enhanced chaperone activity and consequent improved(More)
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