Andrea Nanetti

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In this work, we describe a project, jointly started by University of Bologna and Dianoema S.p.A. in order to build a system which is able to validate microbiological data. Within the project we have experimented data mining techniques in order to automatically discover association rules from microbiological data, and obtain from them alarm rules to be used(More)
The paper presents the results of an experimental case study on intercontinental trade, diplomacy, conflicts and other interactions among cities, nations and continents during Late Middle Age and Early Renaissance (1205-1533 CE). This study is based on Andrea Nanetti's ongoing research project Engineering Historical Memory (EHM) and conducted at Nanyang(More)
Even as we advance the frontiers of physics knowledge, our understanding of how this knowledge evolves remains at the descriptive levels of Popper and Kuhn. Using the American Physical Society (APS) publications data sets, we ask in this paper how new knowledge is built upon old knowledge. We do so by constructing year-to-year bibliographic coupling(More)
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