Andrea N Alsobrook

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The hydrothermal reaction of phosphonoacetic acid (H2PO3CH2C(O)OH, PAA) with UO3 and Cu(C2H3O2)2 .H2O results in the formation of the crystalline heterobimetallic uranium(VI)/copper(II) phosphonates UO2Cu(PO3CH2CO2)(OH)(H2O)2 ( UCuPAA-1), (UO2) 2Cu(PO3CH2CO2)2(H2O)3 (UCuPAA-2), and [H3O][(UO2) 2Cu2(PO3CH2CO2)3(H2O)2 ( UCuPAA-3). The addition of sodium(More)
Four heterobimetallic U(vi)/M(ii) (M = Mn, Co, Cd) carboxyphosphonates have been synthesized. M(2)[(UO(2))(6)(PO(3)CH(2)CO(2))(3)O(3)(OH)(H(2)O)(2)]·16H(2)O (M = Mn(ii), Co(ii), and Cd(ii)) adopt cubic three-dimensional network structures with large cavities approximately 16 Å in diameter that are filled with co-crystallized water molecules.(More)
The hydrothermal reactions of KCl, RbCl, CsOH, and CsCl with phosphonoacetic acid and uranium trioxide at 180 degrees C for three to five days results in the formation of five different crystalline uranyl carboxyphosphonates, K[(UO(2))(2)(PO(3)CH(2)CO(2))(PO(3)CH(2)CO(2)H)(H(2)O)] x H(2)O, Rb[(UO(2))(2)(PO(3)CH(2)CO(2))(PO(3)CH(2)CO(2)H)(H(2)O)] x H(2)O,(More)
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