Andrea Munaro

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Line graphs constitute a rich and well-studied class of graphs. In this paper, we focus on three different topics related to line graphs of subcubic triangle-free graphs. First, we show that any such graph G has an independent set of size at least 3|V (G)|/10, the bound being sharp. As an immediate consequence, we have that any subcubic triangle-free graph(More)
The purpose of these notes is to give a substantially self-contained introduction to the factorization of polynomials over number fields. In particular, we present Zassenhaus’ algorithm and a factoring algorithm using lattice reduction, which were, respectively, the best in practice and in theory, before 2002. We give references for the van Hoeij-Novocin(More)
Definition 1. Let k be a field. An algebraic variety over k is a k-scheme X such that there exists a covering by a finite number of affine open subschemes Xi which are affine varieties over k, i.e. each Xi is the affine scheme associated to a finitely generated algebra over k. A projective variety over k is a projective scheme over k, i.e. a k-scheme(More)
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