Andrea Munari

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This paper introduces a novel MAC protocol for wireless networks, called Phoenix, that employs ideas from Network Coding to enhance decode and forward cooperation. A relay is allowed to code data of its own together with a corrupted packet during a retransmission at no additional cost in bandwidth. Therefore, while in conventional cooperative protocols a(More)
The present study is based on the observation that computer-simulated reality applied by virtual reality (VR) methods may offer a new means of treating male erectile disorders. The experimental design was based on the theory of psychological development, supported by multimedia acoustic experience and clinical tests. The method involved the use of virtual(More)
The use of psycho-dynamic psychotherapy integrating virtual reality (VR) dealt with in this study on the treatment of erection dysfunctions and premature ejaculation started several years ago, after having seen the scarce results we obtained using exclusively a psycho-dynamic approach (accompanied by pre-recorded sound and music). Considering the particular(More)
We present a novel power-efficient wireless sensor network for continuously monitoring and analyzing seismic vibrations with sensor nodes and forwarding the retrieved information with low-cost relay nodes to backend applications. The applied vibration sensing algorithms are derived from the DIN 4150–3 standard. All nodes in the network are(More)
This paper explores the relationship between cooperation and two very different medium access strategies: CSMA (epitomized by IEEE 802.11 DCF) and one instance of TDMA (represented by IEEE 802.15.3). By cooperation we mean basic decode-and-forward relaying as well as more advanced forms thereof based on network coding. The essential features that make each(More)
This paper introduces a rapidly deployable wireless network based on Low Altitude Platforms and portable land units to support disaster-relief activities, and to extend capacity during temporary mass events. The system integrates an amalgam of radio technologies such as LTE, WLAN and TETRA to provide heterogeneous communications in the deployment location.(More)
In this paper, a simple variation of classical Slotted Aloha is introduced and analyzed. The enhancement relies on adding multiple receivers that gather different observations of the packets transmitted by a user population in one slot. For each observation, the packets transmitted in one slot are assumed to be subject to independent on-off fading, so that(More)