Andrea Morganti

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A method was developed for the quantitative determination of cations and anions in Antarctic ice cores at microgL(-1) and sub-microgL(-1) levels by ion chromatography (IC), after ultra-clean decontamination procedures. Strict manipulation and decontamination procedures were used in sub-sampling, in order to minimise sample contamination. Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+(More)
A Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) spectrofluorimetric method for calcium determination in ice cores was optimised in order to achieve better analytical performances which would make it suitable for reliable calcium measurements at ppt level. The method here optimised is based on the formation of a fluorescent compound between Ca and Quin-2 in buffered(More)
Chitin, obtained principally from crustacean waste, is a sugar-like polymer that is available at low cost. It has been shown to be bio- and ecocompatible, and has a very low level of toxicity. Recently, it has become possible to industrially produce pure chitin crystals, named "chitin nanofibrils" (CN) for their needle-like shape and nanostructured average(More)
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