Andrea Moreira Monteiro

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Obesity and hypertension have been recognized as inflammatory diseases capable of activating the immune system, thus contributing to an increased cardiovascular risk. However, the link between adaptive immunity, obesity, and hypertension is poorly understood. We investigated the relationship of the body mass index (BMI) on the inflammatory, vascular, and(More)
We investigated the association between the degree of oxidative modification of LDL particles by non-linear optical response of LDL (Z-scan technique) and the presence of subclinical atherosclerosis in different segments of the carotid artery. We recruited high-intensity athlete runners (n = 44) and controls (n = 51) to participate in the study. The carotid(More)
Antiretroviral therapy has been associated with side effects, either from the drug itself or in conjunction with the effects of human immunodeficiency virus infection. Here, we evaluated the side effects of the protease inhibitor (PI) indinavir in hamsters consuming a normal or high-fat diet. Indinavir treatment increased the hamster death rate and resulted(More)
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