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Towards aflatoxins: a formal synthesis of aflatoxin B2
The development of a formal synthesis of aflatoxin B2 is described, which utilizes a Dotz benzannulation reaction as a key step.
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Towards a total synthesis of the new anticancer agent mensacarcin: synthesis of the carbocyclic core.
A synthesis of the carbocyclic core associated with the new anticancer agent mensacarcin (1) is reported. The strategy involves the synthesis of several novel highly substituted aromatic compounds,Expand
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Regioselective Silane-Terminated Intramolecular Heck Reaction with Alkenyl Triflates and Alkenyl Iodides
One of the main problems of the Heck reaction using acyclic substrates which lead to Pd intermediates with β- and β′-hydrogens is the lack of selectivity in the formation of the double bond as theExpand
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Curacin A (Wipf 1996)
Asteriscanolide (Paquette 2000)
Myxalamide A (Heathcock 1999)
Organic Synthesis Workbook II
Bafilomycin A1 (Roush 1999)
(+)‐Irinotecan® (Curran 1998)