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The Collective Experience of Empathic Data Systems (CEEDs) project aims to offer a solution to the data deluge problem. With theoretical foundations in consciousness, information processing and creative discovery, the project proposes to develop a data analysis tool that harnesses and interprets the unconscious processes that influence our understanding of(More)
PASION is an ongoing European funded project whose objective is to provide a framework capable of providing augmented communication services for several multi-user applications. The goal of our work is to give users information based on SNA indices in order to increase the awareness of their social context, their collaboration and social interaction, and to(More)
As people grow older, their cognitive ability tends to decline, which can result in mental, physical and social hardships. Recent research has shown that cognitive training can provide a cognitive stimulation which slows down the decrement in capacities related to the ageing process. Our work aims at using cognitive psychology and Interactive Digital(More)
This study was designed to explore the usability of three remote controls that operate a specific digital set top box (Logik LDR V3) amongst consumers who may have more difficulty than most in accessing and using digital television equipment. Participants were UK consumers (a) aged over 75 years with various sensory, physical and/or cognitive impairment,(More)
Vulnerability curves (VCs) are a useful tool to investigate the susceptibility of plants to drought-induced hydraulic failure, and several experimental techniques have been used for their measurement. The validity of the bench dehydration method coupled to hydraulic measurements, considered as a 'golden standard', has been recently questioned calling for(More)
This paper explores a high level conceptualisation (taxonomy) of human computer interaction that intends to highlight a range of interaction uses for advanced (symbiotic) systems. The work formed part of an EC-funded project called CEEDs which aims to develop a virtual reality based system to improve human ability to process information, and experience and(More)
This paper describes research to investigate the attitudinal and motivational factors that might facilitate or inhibit the uptake and use of cognitive training (CT) applications via interactive television (iTV) by both young and older people and to explore the profiles of potential users of such applications. A questionnaire was designed and distributed as(More)
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