Andrea Mineo

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—Several emerging techniques have been recently proposed for alleviating the communication latency and the energy consumption issues in multi/many-core architectures. One of such emerging communication techniques, namely, WiNoC replaces the traditional wired links with the use of wireless medium. Unfortunately, the energy consumed by the RF transceiver(More)
Modern systems-on-chip (SoCs) today contain hundreds of cores, and this number is predicted to reach the thousands by the year 2020. As the number of communicating elements increases, there is a need for an efficient, scalable and reliable communication infrastructure. As technology geometries shrink to the deep submicron regime, however, the communication(More)
In modern CMOS technologies, the integration density continues to increase while limitations due to the wires interconnect become a bottleneck especially in multi-hop intra-chip communications. Emerging architectures, such as Wireless Networks-on-Chip (WiNoC), represent the candidate solutions to deal with communication latency issues which affect the(More)