Andrea Mineo

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Environmental stressors can substantially affect the adaptive response of rats to novelty in a sexually dimorphic manner. Gender-related differences are also observed in neurochemical and behavioural patterns of adult rats following prenatal exposure to diazepam (DZ). In the present study the behavioural reactivity to novelty is investigated in open field(More)
Central GABAergic and serotoninergic systems interact with one another and are implicated in controlling different behaviours. A gentle early long-lasting handling can prevent the deficits in locomotion and exploration in open field (O.F.) in 3-month-old male rats prenatally exposed to diazepam (DZ). Purpose of this study was to extend the research to older(More)
—Several emerging techniques have been recently proposed for alleviating the communication latency and the energy consumption issues in multi/many-core architectures. One of such emerging communication techniques, namely, WiNoC replaces the traditional wired links with the use of wireless medium. Unfortunately, the energy consumed by the RF transceiver(More)
We studied the effects of desipramine, alprazolam, muscimol and dizocilpine (MK-801) (alone or associated with desipramine) in the forced swimming test in rats after long-lasting termination of chronic exposure to vehicle and pentylenetetrazol. Sensitisation with pentylenetetrazol was ineffective in changing immobility time in the forced swimming test(More)