Andrea Miene

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This paper describes our contribution to the TREC 2002 video analysis track. We participated in the shot detection task and in the feature extraction task (features indoors and outdoors). The shot detection approach is based on histogram differences and uses adaptive thresholds. Multiple detected shot boundaries that follow each other within a short(More)
High-level online methods become more and more attractive with the increasing abilities of players and teams in the simulation league. As in real soccer, the recognition and prediction of strategies (e.g. opponent’s formation), tactics (e.g. wing play, offside traps), and situations (e.g. passing behavior) is important. In 2001, we proposed an approach(More)
With the more sophisticated abilities of teams within the simulation league high level online functions become more and more attractive. Last year we proposed an approach to recognize the opponents strategy and developed the online coach accordingly. However, this approach gives only information about the entire team and is not able to detect significant(More)
Agents in dynamic environments have to deal with world repTo appear in: RoboCup 2005: Robot Soccer World Cup IX, c © Springer-Verlag, 2006 resentations that change over time. In order to allow agents to act autonomously and to make their decisions on a solid basis an interpretation of the current scene is necessary. If intentions of other agents or events(More)
The text searching paradigm still prevails even when users are looking for image data for example in the Internet. Searching for images mostly means searching on basis of annotations that have been made manually. When annotations are left empty, which is usually the case, searches on image file names are performed. This may lead to surprising retrieval(More)
Planning, acting, and recognizing intentions of participants in traffic situations requires the processing of complex spatio-temporal situations. If spatio-temporal information was represented quantitatively it would result in a huge amount of data. We claim that an abstraction to a qualitative description leads to more stable representations as similar(More)
Textual inserts and closed captures superimposed on digital videos often contain important and exclusive information about the video contents which cannot be found in other information channels like the audio signal or the underlying video stream. Therefore, it is very helpful to extract these textual information automatically and add this information to a(More)