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Hexaploid wheat is a young polyploid species and represents a good model to study mechanisms of gene evolution after polyploidization. Recent studies at the scale of the whole genome have suggested rapid genomic changes after polyploidization but so far the rearrangements that have occurred in terms of gene content and organization have not been analyzed at(More)
C1-inhibitor(Mo), a dysfunctional C1-inhibitor molecule produced in two kindred with type II hereditary angioedema, has a mutation at the P10 position (Ala436 to Thr). Like most serpins with hinge region mutations (P14, P12, P10), C1-inhibitor(Mo) loses its inhibitory activity. However, unlike the other hinge region mutations, this mutant is not converted(More)
The effect of several microbial and mammalian proteinases on the inhibitory activity of human plasma alpha-1-anti-chymotrypsin (alpha-1-Achy) has been tested. Most of these enzymes caused rapid inactivation of the inhibitor by cleavage at single sites within the reactive-site loop between P5 Lys and P3' Leu, with additional cleavages also being detected in(More)
The Invader assay (Third Wave Technologies) is a homogeneous, isothermal DNA probe-based method for sensitive detection of nucleic acid sequences. Invader reactions are performed directly on genomic DNA or total RNA targets; however, polymerase chain reaction- or reverse transcriptase polymerase chain re action-amplified products can also be used. Detection(More)
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