Andrea Martinez Ordoñez

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We describe the first case of a Kerstersia gyiorum strain isolated from a patient with cholesteatomatous chronic otitis media. We emphasize the isolation of members of the family Alcaligenaceae in serious infections and unusual sites and the importance of polyphasic identification addressing the definitive identification.
A wandering liver is a rare development in both the adult and pediatric population where the liver is freely displaced along a transverse axis. We describe the first known occurrence in published literature of a wandering liver in an adult individual who also had an intestinal malrotation complicated by a midgut volvulus. The abnormal ability for a liver to(More) This and other Development Progress materials are available at Development Progress is an ODI project that aims to measure, understand and communicate where and how progress has been made in development. ODI is the UK’s leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues.(More)
The emergence of vancomycin intermediate Staphylococcus aureus (VISA) and heterogeneous VISA (hVISA) is of major concern worldwide. Our objective was to investigate the prevalence, phenotypic and molecular features of hVISA strains isolated from bacteremic patients and to determine the clinical significance of the hVISA phenotype in patients with(More)
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