Andrea Major

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Rhodococcus equi isolates (204) obtained from foals (lung abscesses, lymph nodes, nasal discharge, rectal swabs) bred in 15 studs located throughout Hungary, isolates from soil samples, lymph nodes of pigs and from lesions of human patients were examined to determine genotypic diversity of virulence-associated plasmids. Isolates were tested for the presence(More)
The plasmid types and serotypes of 164 Rhodococcus equi strains obtained from submaxillary lymph nodes of swine from different piggeries in 28 villages and towns located throughout the country were examined. The strains were tested by PCR for the presence of 15- to 17-kDa virulence-associated protein antigen (VapA) and 20-kDa virulence-associated protein(More)
A marked increase in canine leptospirosis was observed in Switzerland over 10 years with a peak incidence of 28.1 diagnosed cases/100,000 dogs/year in the most affected canton. With 95% affected dogs living at altitudes <800 m, the disease presented a seasonal pattern associated with temperature (r2 0.73) and rainfall (r2 0.39), >90% cases being diagnosed(More)
E. Sarasin, M. Keller, M. K. Hohl, R. Otto, Baden Postpartale Pelvimetrie mittels Computertomographie versus konventionelle Beckenmessung nach Martius und Guthmann St. Sp6rri, A. Braghetti, W. Hfinggi, E Vock, H. Schneider, Bern MRI-Pelvimetrie in der Geburtshilfe N. O. Lang, W. Stoll, G. Guidici, Aarau Fetale Blutgasanalyse mit dem Adh~irenzendosko p nach(More)
Over an 8-year period, 75 Stein-Leventhal patients underwent curettage; 47 of them also had a determination of estrogen secretion. Levels were normal for 49, increased for 16 and were below normal for 10. Endometrial proliferation was found in 33 patients with a total estrogen secretion of 13 mcg/24 hours. Of these 33, 18 also displayed hirsutism. 23%(More)