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The Love of a Good Man? Romantic Relationships as a Source of Support or Hindrance for Female Ex-Offenders
This article explores the impact of romantic relationships on the reentry experiences of female ex-offenders. Although attachment to a prosocial spouse is an important social bond in the desistanceExpand
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Neighborhood context of attitudes toward crime and reentry
While much recent attention has been focused on the impact of incarceration on ex-prisoners, less has been paid to the general public’s informal attitudes and responses to crime and offenders. ThisExpand
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Being a Good Daughter and Sister
Family has long been central to our understandings of offending and desistance. However, in research on adult offenders or prisoners, the focus is more often on romantic partners, children, and peersExpand
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Narratives of Crime and Criminals: How Places Socially Construct the Crime Problem1
A common narrative about crime in the contemporary United States is that offenders are primarily young black men living in poor urban neighborhoods committing violent and drug-related crimes. ThereExpand
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People, Places, and Things: How Female Ex-Prisoners Negotiate Their Neighborhood Context
While many prisoners share the public and policy makers’ concerns about returning to their former neighborhood when they are released from prison, recently released ex-prisoners often do not have theExpand
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Official Corruption During China’s Economic Transition: Historical Patterns, Characteristics, and Government Reactions
Using available information and data, this study examines the historical patterns and characteristics of official corruption in contemporary China. The study identifies four waves of officialExpand
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Barriers to Reintegration
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