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Serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase and gamma globulin levels were correlated with morphologic findings during and after corticosteroid therapy of severe chronic active liver disease to assess ability to monitor histologic change. Morphologic features were interpreted by a single observer from 441 coded biopsy specimens obtained from 69 patients. Serum(More)
Hemorrhage within a hepatic cyst (hemorrhagic hepatic cyst, HHC) is a complication of liver cysts that is difficult to differentiate from other neoplastic entities on imaging. Even when accurately diagnosed, there has been a lack of consensus on the optimal treatment strategy. After presenting our experience with a patient treated via laparoscopy, we aimed(More)
The usefulness of certain physical and laboratory findings in predicting the morphologic diagnosis of cirrhosis in severe chronic active liver disease was determined in 101 patients, 39 of whom had cirrhosis. Hypoalbuminemia (69%) and hypergammaglobulinemia (67%) were the most common findings in cirrhosis, but they lacked specificity. Thrombocytopenia,(More)
Acinar cell cystadenoma (ACC) of the pancreas was first described as a distinct pancreatic cystic neoplasm in 2002. We have encountered three cases of ACC at our institution in addition to the 15 cases reported to date in the world literature. The gender distribution in the total cohort of patients with ACC slightly favored females (61 % female), and the(More)
To assess the prognosis of patients with severe chronic hepatitis after histologic examination had shown an improvement to chronic persistent hepatitis, we followed 52 such patients regularly for 54 +/- 4 months after the cessation of corticosteroid therapy. In 24 patients, the condition deteriorated 7 +/- 1 months after therapy and required further(More)
BACKGROUND Antiplatelet therapy with aspirin is prevalent among patients presenting for operative treatment of pancreatic disorders. Operative practice has called for the cessation of aspirin 7-10 days before elective procedures because of the perceived increased risk of procedure-related bleeding. Our practice at Thomas Jefferson University has been to(More)
The prevalence of gastroesophageal varices and gastrointestinal hemorrhage was determined in 124 patients with severe chronic active liver disease (CALD) receiving prednisone and followed regularly for up to 10 yr. Varices were demonstrated by contrast radiography in only 19 patients (15%). Ten had varices before therapy and nine developed them after 12-102(More)
Adjustable silicone gastric banding (ASGB) is an effective treatment in morbid obesity. Band migration is a long-term complication. Causes, clinical symptoms, timing and incidence are investigated in single centres only. In Germany, since January 1st, 2005, practice in bariatric surgery has been investigated in German prospective multicenter trial for(More)
BACKGROUND Routine placement of jejunostomy tubes (JT) during pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD) is controversial. METHODS A retrospective chart review of patients undergoing PD from 1/1/08 through 12/31/14 was performed. The patients were divided into groups by placement of JT. Outcome measures were 90-day morbidity, 90-day mortality, length of stay, rate of(More)
Nasogastric suction, glucagon, and cimetidine are proposed treatments for human acute pancreatic because they may reduce gastric acid and exocrine pancreatic secretion. However, the functional status of gastric and pancreatic secretion during human acute pancreatitis is unknown. Thus, we compared the effects of nasogastric suction, intravenous glucagon (5(More)