Andrea M Ries

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Our aim was to determine the minimal important difference (MID) for 6-min walk distance (6MWD) and maximal cycle exercise capacity (MCEC) in patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 1,218 patients enrolled in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial completed exercise tests before and after 4-6 weeks of pre-trial rehabilitation, and(More)
BACKGROUND Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is produced by the trophoblast early in pregnancy and peaks at a level of approximately 100,000 IU/liter around the ninth week of gestation. Abnormally high levels are usually noted in association with multiple gestation, molar gestation, and specific ovarian or gestational malignancies. CASES A multiparous(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the sensitivity and specificity of the endometrial pipelle (Unimar, Wilton, CT) in detecting intrauterine chorionic villi, as compared to standard suction dilation and curettage (D and C). DESIGN Prospective clinical study. SETTING U. S. Navy Hospital near Tokyo, Japan. Small community hospital. PATIENT(S) All patients(More)
BACKGROUND Puerperal diastasis of the symphysis pubis is an uncommon intrapartum complication. Patients often respond to conservative measures. A small percentage of patients will develop chronic pain and require surgical treatment, which involves debridement or fusion of the symphysis pubis. CASE A 33-year-old woman, gravida 1, para 0, with an(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of erythromycin on small bowel motility are controversial. Orocaecal transit time (OCTT) is considered to be a valid measure of small bowel motility. METHODS We studied the effect of erythromycin on OCTT in diabetic male subjects in a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover fashion. After an overnight fast, subjects received(More)
We compared the hemodynamic and metabolic effects of dobutamine and sulmazol (AR-L115 BS) in normal dogs and in dogs with chronic volume overload. In both cases, the doses of dobutamine and sulmazol were adapted to produce comparable increases in two indices of inotropic state, peak (+) left ventricular dP/dt and dP/dt normalized by a developed pressure of(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this observational cohort study was to observe outcomes in geriatric (aged > or =65 years) and nongeriatric (<65 years) patients after employing a diabetes resource nurse (DRN) case manager in a suburban 12-physician family practice. STUDY DESIGN Data were collected by retrospective chart review of 106 patients enrolled in the(More)
To better direct screening for preeclampsia, we describe the result trends of the laboratory tests used in the workup of preeclampsia at our institution. The clinical characteristics of patients with abnormal test results are further detailed. The objective of the study is to recommend a laboratory screening regimen for preeclampsia based on the data. All(More)
BACKGROUND The original description of the Cherney incision includes bilateral ligation of the inferior epigastric vessels to increase incision width [1]. However, in patients with compromised abdominal wall vasculature, ligation may lead to healing complications. CASE Our patient experienced necrosis of the right rectus muscle after undergoing pelvic(More)
AR-L115 BS is a phenyl-imidazo-pyridine derivative that combines positive inotropic and vasodilator properties. To analyze the mechanisms of action of AR-L115 in the presence or absence of heart failure, we administered it intravenously to conscious dogs (seven normals and eight with a volume-overload heart failure). In normals, at a plasma level around(More)