Andrea M Jackson

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this research was to examine the predictive validity of a brief, outpatient neuropsychological battery relative to concurrent functional outcomes 1-25 years post traumatic brain injury. METHOD A cross-sectional analysis from an archival database. Participants were 377 persons aged 16-85, 1-25 years post mild-complicated to severe(More)
When stimuli are presented rapidly, repetitions are often undetected--a phenomenon called "repetition blindness" (RB; Kanwisher Cognition, 27, 117-143, 1987). Grouping of nonlinguistic items has been found to prevent RB (Goldfarb & Treisman Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 18, 1042-1049, 2011). In order to determine whether this effect could be found with(More)