Andrea Müller

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Common approaches to hardware implementation of networking components start at the VHDL level and are based on the creation of regression test benches to perform simulative validation of functionality. The time needed to develop test benches has proven to be a significant bottleneck with respect to time-to-market requirements. In this paper, we describe the(More)
Labdane-related diterpenoids form the largest group among the diterpenes. They fulfill important functions in primary metabolism as essential plant growth hormones and are known to function in secondary metabolism as, for example, phytoalexins. The biosynthesis of labdane-related diterpenes is mediated by the action of class II and class I diterpene(More)
Doubled haploidy is a fundamental tool in plant breeding as it provides the fastest way to generate populations of meiotic recombinants in a genetically fixed state. A wide range of methods has been developed to produce doubled haploid (DH) plants and recent advances promise efficient DH production in otherwise recalcitrant species. Since the cellular(More)
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